Open-Source Firmware Projects

We are here to support open-source firmware projects. If you are interested in joining the Open-Source Firmware Foundation, feel free to contact us via .

Supported By Us

  • logo of the u-bmc projects
    "u-bmc is a linux os distribution that is fully open-source and tailor-made for baseboard management controllers. u-bmc, like LinuxBoot, sacrifices classical industry compatibility in order to offer a solution that is genuinely tailored for the mission."
  • no logo yet :)
    "The go-tcg-storage is a go library for interfacing TCG Storage and Security Subsystem Class (SSC) functions on storage devices. Currently it supports the following TCG standards: Core, Opal 2.0, Enterprise and Ruby"
  • logo of the LinuxBoot projects
    "LinuxBoot is a firmware for modern servers that replaces specific firmware functionality like the UEFI DXE phase with a Linux kernel and runtime."
  • logo of the coreboot projects
    "coreboot is an extended firmware platform that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot experience on modern computers and embedded systems. As an Open Source project it provides auditability and maximum control over technology."
  • logo of the converged-security-suite projects
    " The Converged Security Suite (CSS) is a set of open-source tooling to provision and test security related features in the firmware. The CSS implements all necessary tools for Intel platform security features."

Not Affilated Projects

  • logo of the trustedfirmware projects
    "Trusted Firmware provides a reference implementation of secure software for Armv8-A, Armv9-A and Armv8-M. It provides SoC developers and OEMs with a reference trusted code base complying with the relevant Arm specifications."
  • logo of the oreboot projects
    "oreboot is a downstream fork of coreboot, i.e. oreboot is coreboot without 'c'. oreboot is mostly written in Rust, with assembly where needed. oreboot currently only plans to support LinuxBoot payloads."
  • logo of the openbmc projects
    "OpenBMC is a Linux distribution for management controllers used in devices such as servers, top of rack switches or RAID appliances. It uses Yocto, OpenEmbedded, systemd, and D-Bus to allow easy customization for your platform."